Welcome to Icuru

Hi, I am Barbara, a surface pattern designer and printmaker, fascinated by the ancient art of block printing. Block printing is one of the earliest and simplest forms of textile printing. The unique distressed look achieved can not be replicated by a machine. The design is first carved out of a wooden or lino block. The printer then covers the block with water-based ink and presses it onto the cloth. Repeating this process the printer creates the patterned fabric.


I find enormous enjoyment and fulfilment from block printing a piece of fabric. I am drawn to imperfection, texture and the natural process of printing by hand. My inspiration naturally comes from the organic, rough textured, worn, distressed and imperfect shapes and pattern I find in the indigenous plant and coastal life along our coastline.


ICURU is my textile brand, where I focus on quality, hand printed fabric as well as limited edition products. I create small batches which are made to order. In a world where everything can be made cheaper and quicker I focus on quality and sustainability helping to preserve the ancient art of block printing. As the fabrics are handprinted each one is unique and due to the process used each will vary slightly in its print, colour and composition.

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